As a fashion editor, I’m not only privy to the latest looks from the runways  — I’m exposed to the latest in beauty, skincare and oh yes, diets. I was juicing before Blue Print Cleanse had a location in Manhattan. I went vegan after reading Born to Run (and lasted exactly 9 days before passing out cold after a workout). I’ve gone to nutritionists of the stars (hey, if it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman…).

Every such “diet” left me irritable, starving and weak. I equated thinness with frailty.

Joy Harari debunked that adage for me, and now, many others.

When I first met Joy I  thought she might travel with her own flattering lighting crew (That skin! Those eyes! Just radiant!).

But after many casual conversations she told me that it isn’t the genes or a series of hard core work outs that keep her looking fit and refreshingly healthy.

Her secret, she said, was no secret at all — whole foods, the right fats and tons of organic produce.

So I  took the plunge. I stocked up on organic butter (a whole new food group for me and not a terribly trendy one), olive oil and coconut oil. Stevia, Kefir and almonds soaked in water.

I’ve never felt or looked better. After 3 weeks my skin is glowing from the inside out.  People that saw me only a month ago notice a change. I’m happier, calmer and incredibly focused (Joy will say that’s the fat doing its job!). I’ve also been told that I look markedly thinner, and perhaps I do.

But that’s not why I came to Joy. I came to Joy for a lifestyle change; to find the strength that I didn’t know my body was capable of having.

Only three weeks in, thanks to Joy I feel just that — stronger, healthier and glowing.

And my refrigerator? Well that’s the most chic part. With all the kale, grapes, asparagus and apples — it’s just so fall 2012.

-Sophia Chabbott

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