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Welcome! I’m Joy Harari. My goal is to make you healthier, skinnier, younger looking, and more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools you can use right now to improve your life.

I’m here to educate you and have fun in the process. I’m like Sophia Loren, Julia Childs, Ralph Lauren and Lucille Ball all rolled into one crazy woman! I am a true New Yorker who knows quite a lot about dieting, health, and wellness.

I am a certified Health Coach. I am a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, as well as a certified EFT (Tapping) Coach.

Most of my training, however, came from raising 5 beautiful children, being the grandmother of a growing bunch, and 30 years of endless curiosity around diet and health. I also have an insatiable desire to be thin, totally healthy and young looking.

I really believe food is powerful, as are emotions. Of course I am no sage and I never pretend to have all the answers. I make my fair share of mistakes too. But I am committed to bringing you the very best of what I am living and learning and to keep it real and honest as I go.

So travel the road of exploration and madness with me as I load you up with all the whys, why not’s, and how to’s I can gather up. Get the edge of the latest on health, slimming secrets and anti aging tips. Enjoy!

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Grateful & Humble
  • si_quote : My son Elliot has faced many challenges in his 8 years, but nothing compares to his feat with Asperger’s Syndrome. Elliot is a brilliant child who goes to a regular school and participates in a regular classroom, however when it comes to the average bully Elliot suffers tenfold.

    Elliot would come home daily expressing his unfortunate day and I would have nothing to respond, helplessly. When I relayed these issues to Joy Harari, she introduced us to Meridian Tapping. We immediately began tapping away Elliot’s "bullies."

    Then came time to test the waters and see if the tapping really did make a difference. Elliot began camp in an unstructured environment with every bully he combated during the school year. In the beginning, as usual, Elliot had issues with these boys, but because of the tapping Elliot became immune to their tactics and they backed off. Not only did they back off, but he walked away having formed friendships with most of them.

    Joy Harari changed Elliot’s life forever.