My Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Joy.  Her mom put her on a diet when she was age 9 as a precaution.  Note: she was not fat.  Well that set her on the road of diet after diet, and the belief that she was unacceptable and fat.

As one who never gives up, I made myself a human science project.

I have done every diet you can name and then some.  The good news is that I have lived to tell about it.  The best news is that I have been there and there is nothing like personal experience to be able to help others.

Being healthy became my biggest goal, and through all those dietary theories that I studied I certainly understood the huge power of food!

As I got older and I had issues like bags under my eyes, high cholesterol, and bulging joints in my thumbs, I knew that the food I was eating was causing  a lot of inflammation in my body.  According to most I was a very healthy person, but being the perfectionist/scientist that I am I could not settle for that.

Health is my passion. But really, really my PASSION.  I have been health coaching people , unofficially for over 20 years.

I have done so many different things in my life, from modern dance and getting certified as a dental assistant to event planning and acting.  I had a bread baking business and served as a volunteer social worker for close to 15 years.

As you can tell I have a real passion for life and people. Through it all I was obsessed with diet, healing and food. I love to cook as well, and have been known to drop off some seaweed salad to radiation patients here and there. (I also know a lot about natural home remedies :) )

So I realized with the help of my amazing husband, my beautiful supportive family, and some great friends that I really needed to go back to school and get my credentials.

So here I am passionately practicing what I love.  And this is so not work!!!