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Agave nectar, what to doooooo?!!!!

I was totally sold on Agave a while back. Now I see so many “health food” products being made with this delicious sweetener. Well guess what?  It may not be all its cracked up to be!!

It is true that agave is low glycemic , but it also has a fructose content of up to 90%! I know , shocking!! High fructose corn syrup averages 55%, and we all know how terrible High fructose corn syrup is for us, part of the problem is that our insulin levels do NOT adjust to that ultra sweet substance!!  So we have the same result with agave!

From what I’ve read, the marketing of that stuff has us all duped! It is not pure (totally processed with chemicals and heat or both)! Even when it says Raw on the label.

My advice is to avoid agave and stick to Stevia, and grade B maple syrup. Figs, dates, and raisins can also add a nice sweetness to baked goods. Brown rice syrup and barley malt syrup taste okay in some recipes as well…….old macrobiotic favorites.

Like I always say, stick to the natural sweetness of sweet veggies and fruit, anything else should be a treat and not for every day.

Always stay aware of INGREDIENTS in your foods, agave is very widely used these days. It is in everything from cookies to icecream in the healthfood store. Be aware and don’t be duped, be an educated consumer.

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