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Aging, What Causes It and What are The Best Super Foods to Help

What really causes aging?  The main problem is when cells degrade too fast.

One of the biggest causes of rapid aging is the over-expression of insulin.  And you guessed it; this is caused by the wrong food choices such as processed foods, sugar, grains as well as large portion sizes.


The over expression of insulin creates excessive ROS (Reactive Oxygen species). That is the most dangerous and potent free radical in the body.

ROS causes leaky mitochondria. The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

This chemical reaction causes the electron transport system to fail, which causes the ATP to fail.  ATP is basically the energy currency of life. It is a molecule that stores all the energy that comes from food.

Therefore controlling insulin is vital for youthfulness and longevity.


You have all heard me talk about how important it is to eat good fats. Another thing that causes the mitochondria to rust is rancid industrial oil.

Mutated oils like Canola, sunflower and vegetable oil don’t fit with the lipid bilayer of the mitochondria. These lipid bilayers are made up of healthy fats. Healthy fats from say grass-fed animals, give the mitochondrial lipid bilayer a strong shape and provide cell permeability that mitochondria need for cell communication.


So I hear you saying “Joy, just tell me what to eat!!”  And I will.
Anti-aging foods

One of the most anti-aging foods you can eat is organ meat from grass-fed animals.

Liver is so anti-aging.  It is mandatory for mitochondrial health.  It contains coq10 and should be eaten 3 times a week for maximum benefit.


Another anti-aging super food is Seafood. Seafood is high in B3, manganese, potassium and magnesium.  Magnesium is so important to cell health because without magnesium you cannot create ATP.  Our soil is depleted of magnesium, which affects animal protein and all vegetable sources. However our seafood’s are rich in this mineral. Best choices are;



Atlantic fish

Caribbean fish

*Avoid pacific seafood due to Fukashima.


Another group of Anti-aging foods contains;



Cabbage, brussel sprouts

I recommend cooking these as it releases more minerals, flavonoids and essential cofactors in optimizing mitochondria.  They also contain quercetin, which is an anti-inflammatory. Eat them often!


Broccoli is another anti aging super food. It is better to eat broccoli cooked.  The sulfur compounds in broccoli helps mitochondria with methylation. Which means that it prevents the degradation of mitochondria.


The best way to incorporate these foods into your diet is menu planning! The more you plan ahead and make shopping lists so you have the ingredients on hand the more you will increase your rate of success.  I guess that means the younger you will stay!


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