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Bulletproof Coffee


Ear infections. What can you do naturally?


Preparation is Gratification


September 2014

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What is Vitamin P?


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5 Amazing Things Gut Bacteria Can Do


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Coconutz Chocolates

photo copy 2

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Welcome to Holland


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Want to Detox? Try Oil Pulling!


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little sugar addicts


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Eat like a Caveman


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August 2012

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Not Tap Dancing… Tapping!!!

Last week I was mentioning that I had been tapping with a client and someone said “How nice! Tap dancing is so much fun!” I was referring to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique- that tapping! I guess those people haven’t heard of it, but it is quickly gaining ground. Tapping is an amazing modality that can be used on emotional trauma, anxiety, and physical pain too! I even use it on emotional eating and cravings. Honestly we should try it on anything and everything. The process is simple, and I have been seeing profound effects when I coach clients. A group…

July 2012

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The Audrey Hepburn Challenge

We all know a skinny, elegant woman. The Audrey Hepburn type.  What are the refined and healthy secrets that keep her that way?  Well I’ll tell you because I have a few great role models that I’ve studied very carefully.  I am trying so hard to use these secrets.  They don’t come naturally to me. I’m a natural born gobbler, but I’m happy to say I’m making progress. If I can do it, anyone can! Heres the challenge: For the next few weeks make believe you are an actress playing the role of Audrey Hepburn as a french woman in…

October 2011

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Whole Spelt Pizzas

O boy!!!! Everywhere……Soy!!!!!

So here I am learning how bad soy is, the phytoestrogens and how they wreak havoc on the thyroid, etc. I was telling my loved ones to please check their cupboards and make sure they do NOT eat soy!!!! Soy oil , soy lecithin and soy beans are hidden in every processed food! These soy products have been proven time and time again to scramble up all the hormone responses in the body! I really thought I was free of soy. I have soy-free veganaise and soy-free icecream.  Then I got some crazed feedback “WHAT……Its in EVERYTHING!!!!!!” So I started…

September 2011

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Young Thai Coconuts……Obsession!!

Okay, so here I am with this obsession for young thai coconuts and so excited because I found them at the korean market here in Brooklyn, when my most favorite nutrition expert,  Joe from Omni-Health, informs me that THOSE coconuts are ridden with chemicals!!!!!! Sheesh! Is nothing sacred!!! It seems before they wrap them in plastic wrap , they dip them in formaldehyde and chlorine to prevent mold from creeping in during the long voyage to America. I guess they are not so young as we think! So being me, I got on google right away and researched the heck…

Home Remedies Workshop

Kudos! to all the healthy, beautiful women who attended the Home Remedies Workshop.  We really delved into theory and different modalities for detoxification as well as great home remedies that are gentle but work!  Those of you who couldn’t make it really missed out,  but don’t despair!  I will try to do it again soon. The cold weather is on the way……….stay tuned

Gorgeous Orange Butternut Squash Soup!!!!!

It is the happiest looking soup you will ever eat, no really! It is like love in a pot!  This soup literally puts me in a giddy mood! If I am ever laughing a little too hard my kids ask “Did Mommy hit the squash soup again?”  It is sweet and smooth. If you ever feel like you need a little TLC, and nurturing, this is your answer. Peel and cube a butternut squash put into a pot with a cubed onion ,a little himalayan salt and water to cover. Cook until squash is soft, blend and voila…….Gorgeous!

Get a load of this GORGEOUS soup!!!!!!!!


No Excuse for not eating well!!!!! Farmers...


Agave nectar, what to doooooo?!!!!


Soak Soak Soak those Grains!!!!! (beans,seeds,...

At the moment and most days, you will see bowls of grains, beans and various seeds and nuts soaking on my counter top.  A while back I was a vegan for about 10 years. I really love eating that way, and the way it makes me FEEL!  Sad, I was unable to continue. I became severely mineral deficient. Recently in school, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (which I absolutely adore!!!) I learned all about the importance of soaking grains to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acids. Phytates bind to certain minerals such as iron and magnesium and pull them…

June 2011

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Bright Inspiration for a Healthy Kitchen

make peace with your kitchen


Green lovin’

Zucchini Spaghetti


my newest favorite kitchen tool. So awesome-...

it was so good, I made it again! Heres the pic.

Artisan tomato salad

I went to the farmers market at Union square today just to be inspired. Got the most gorgeous organic greens and amazing artisan tomatoes.  I cut up the tomatoes. One was striped , one was red , one was purpleish and I added in sweet yellow cherry tomatoes mmmmmmmmmmm so good!! Some fresh basil leaves, sea salt and pepper and a drizzle of truffle oil.  Wish I had taken a picture , but we devoured it too quickly!  I guess produce really tastes so much better when it is fresh from the farm.

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My daughters and me in the center of my home- the...