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Bulletproof Coffee

From the time I was a little girl, really little (like 3 or 4 years old), I remember begging my mother for a little of her coffee poured into my milk.  Maybe it was the delicious aroma I smelled every day as my mom perked a pot of coffee in the morning, or how special it seemed to the adults around me.   My Mom called it my coffee, as in  “I can’t function until I have my coffee.”  That’s important stuff!  So it’s not surprising that I love coffee.

As I got older, and I was finally allowed to drink coffee, I realized I didn’t feel so good when I had it.  I became all shaky and felt weird from the caffeine.  So I had decaf coffee.  Later on in my late twenties, as I was getting more and more into healthy eating and lifestyle, I gave up drinking coffee.  I learned how it was acidifying, and that it was like drinking pesticide juice because of how the beans are commercially grown and processed.

I discovered grain coffee, a coffee-like drink made from barley and chicory.  It was okay, but nowhere near the taste and smell of real coffee. If you are a real coffee lover, it’s not gonna bring it home for you.   Twenty-five years I settled for walking into Starbucks, getting an unsweetened iced tea and watching my husband drink his delicious latte.  At least I got to smell it!

Then a great thing happened. I started reading about something called Bulletproof coffee.  All over the Paleo community, people were talking about it.  Healthy coffee? I couldn’t believe it.  I heard it from all the experts.  Mark Sisson was drinking it, but it was hard for me to believe because even the best organic coffee gave me terrible headaches and stomach aches.  Then I went on the Bulletproof website, Upgradedself.com, and I heard the greatest pitch ever from Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof executive.  He claimed that the micotoxins, mold, and pesticides found in commercial coffee are responsible for making people sick from coffee and not the coffee itself.  If you tell me there is a possibility that I can drink coffee, well you know I am going to try!  So I ordered the purest, best Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee and put it to the test.

I am having my freshly ground and perked coffee most mornings, bulletproof style, blended with 1 tbsp. grass-fed butter and 1 tbsp. MCT oil (concentrated coconut oil).  So delicious!  Full of antioxidants and good nutrition.  Yum, and I didn’t get the least bit sick!  No headaches, no stomach aches.  They claim that the good fats mixed together with the coffee slow down the absorption of the caffeine, as well.

Of course, my family caught on to this amazing coffee and two of my kids claim that I ruined any other coffee for them.  Since they’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee, they actually taste the pesticides in all other coffees and they can’t drink it.  This makes me so happy!

I always say I am a human science project; I test everything on myself first.  Let me know if you try it and what your experience is. It is one thing you can change that will make your life a whole lot healthier.  I love to start my day with coffee; there is something nostalgic and cozy about it, my coffee.



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