I consulted with Joy because my husband and I wanted to improve our family’s health including ridding ourselves of some food allergies, eczema and asthma. I assumed that during our one hour consultation, she would hand me a “diet” and a grocery list of obscure items that would take me some time to familiarize with. I thought I’d have to adapt to the new dietary lifestyle through trial and error. Nope. I was wrong. Meeting with Joy was a true experience. During our three hour visit, joy introduced us to a healthy approach to eating in the most positive, informative,…

Doing my nails on a Sunday afternoon might have been by chance, but meeting Joy Harari at the same time had to be Divine Intervention!!    After years of suffering from all types of stomach pains, seeing all kinds of doctors, and going through all kinds of tests, my meeting with Joy proved to be more than just the answer to my problems. It was a complete lifestyle change!!    Not only was my diet changed after our first meeting, but I also experienced relief though EFT, a tapping technique, in which Joy is not only certified, but truly professional.…

“Healthy body- healthy mind.” Most people believe this, but spend some time with Joy, and you not only believe it, you feel it, experience it and KNOW it.
After a few weeks of following Joy’s program, we slowly saw behavioral and physiological improvements that we had been trying to achieve for years. Everyone from the teachers to the school psychologist noticed a difference. Although it is hard work, the payoff is worth it, and Joy’s support is unwaivering. She is always looking to help with an open mind and heart. Cookbooks, meetings, shopping lists; her guidance was able to help us transition from chicken nuggets, noodles and pizza to fish, healthy chicken burgers and spinach.
Imagine the fulfillment- after years of just feeding your family, to feel like you are actually nourishing them instead.
When one person in a family needs extra love, care and attention, the WHOLE family needs extra love, care and attention. Joy is one of the only professionals that we’ve encountered with this unique and rare approach. Through constant communication, tapping techniques and her loving manner, Joy ensures that all members of the family are at peace with themselves so that they can be their best for each other- A priceless state of being.
“Healthy body- healthy mind”- I am proud to say that we are well on our way to both BH! The journey is never easy and never ending but we are thrilled to have found the tools to help us through.
 -R. Tawil

Joy changed my life in one simple tapping session. Like many others, I was very skeptical to try the tapping technique as it seemed so odd. The second I walked into Joys house though, I was swept away with her warmth, glow, and radiant personality. Joy literally spread her light onto me, making me feel calm, confident, and able to open up. I was able to find a cure for my problem in one simple tapping session. What bothered me for so long, was totally taken away in just one meeting with Joy. I can not express in words how thankful I am to her. I wish everyone would give it a try because I am sure they will not be disappointed. Her name is Joy for a reason, that is what she will bring into your life.

-J. Matalon

Words cannot express how grateful I feel for everything you have done for me.  In only 2 short months, you have changed my life.  Without exaggeration, I have gone from waking up feeling depressed, ugly, and hopeless to feeling confident, strong, and happy.

I have been battling depression for as long as I can remember. I recall sitting in my bed at age 12 contemplating suicide.  Of course, there were many good events in my life, but the feelings of worthlessness always clouded even the best day.

I saw numerous therapists over the years (starting at age 5!), never really trusting any of them, and things continued to get worse.  After giving birth to my first daughter, I became severely depressed. I gained weight, constantly thought about committing suicide, and cried for no reason. I also lost touch with all of my friends and barely spoke to my husband about anything. It was awful.  My husband and I started going to marriage counseling.  That didn’t help at all.

One night, when my daughter was three years old, it got so bad, that I called my sister and admitted that I needed help.  For the first time, I told someone what was going on.  Immediately, we found a psychiatrist for me. I felt hopeless, crazy, sick…I was extremely ashamed. I thought, “If I can’t cope in life without medication, there is something wrong with me.”

My psychiatrist prescribed Prozac at my first session.  Reluctantly, I started the medication.  Amazingly, within 2 weeks of the initial dose, I felt great.  I woke up every morning with excitement and eagerness to start my day.  I felt like a haze had lifted.  It was so exciting but didn’t last.

I felt ok; I was still overweight and feeling insecure, but didn’t really think I needed medication for that.  So, without speaking to my doctor, I stopped-not a good idea.  I started crying again for no reason, and feeling insecure about everything.  So, I got back on the roller coaster.  I spoke to my doctor and re-started the meds again. That’s when you saved me.

The day I came over, and you were talking about a natural way to treat depression, I was intrigued, skeptical but interested to hear more.  So, you described the foods that I should steer clear of and recommended some changes to my diet.  I went home and decided to try it.  After a few days, I noticed that I was losing weight and that by itself was a huge feat for me.  I was 25 lbs. overweight and people kept asking me if I was pregnant again! The next day, we met to discuss my symptoms, some of the issues I was dealing with, and you created a unique regimen for me.  I felt so supported and motivated to really give this a try.

Joy, that was one of the few times in my life that I truly felt like somebody cared about me and believed in me.  I felt hopeful that I could lose more weight and maybe even lessen the severity of the depression, but that wasn’t good enough for you.

So, you started to heal me.  EFT is the most incredible miracle I have ever experienced.  Through tapping, you helped me release emotions that I was holding onto for years and years.  Early events I wasn’t even aware of, were haunting me.  You uncovered them and let them go.  I never thought it possible to feel this good.

After two months of healthy eating, many supportive meetings and numerous tapping sessions, I am back to my normal weight (20 lbs. lighter than at our first meeting), and I am doing things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never felt I could, or even had the right to try; boxing, singing, and pursuing my dreams.  I am aware of who I am and I am proud of myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.  - Anonymous


How can I express all the  gratitude that I feel for what  you have done  for me. The transformation is incredible. You see I have been suffering with depression, it has been so difficult.  Crying for no reason with complete sadness. Since you did the tapping technique I feel 100 percent better! I feel that you got to the root of my problem and saved me from despair. I’m able to go out and enjoy each day thanks to you Joy! I will always  appreciate this special gift that you have given to me, and I am sure you will…

As a fashion editor, I’m not only privy to the latest looks from the runways  — I’m exposed to the latest in beauty, skincare and oh yes, diets. I was juicing before Blue Print Cleanse had a location in Manhattan. I went vegan after reading Born to Run (and lasted exactly 9 days before passing out cold after a workout). I’ve gone to nutritionists of the stars (hey, if it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman…). Every such “diet” left me irritable, starving and weak. I equated thinness with frailty. Joy Harari debunked that adage for me, and now, many others.…

"My son Elliot has faced many challenges in his 8 years, but nothing compares to his feat with Asperger's Syndrome. Elliot is a brilliant child who goes to a regular school and participates in a regular classroom, however when it comes to the average bully Elliot suffers tenfold. Elliot would come home daily expressing his unfortunate day and I would have nothing to respond, helplessly. When I relayed these issues to Joy Harari, she introduced us to Meridian Tapping. We immediately began tapping away Elliot's "bullies." Then came time to test the waters and see if the tapping really did make a difference. Elliot began camp in an unstructured environment with every bully he combated during the school year. In the beginning, as usual, Elliot had issues with these boys, but because of the tapping Elliot became immune to their tactics and they backed off. Not only did they back off, but he walked away having formed friendships with most of them. Joy Harari changed Elliot's life forever."
M. J.
"Joy helped me lose weight, start an exercise program and transition to maintain the weightloss. She inspired me to hang in there when the going got tough. When people ask me how I did it and compliment my success, I just give them Joys number!"