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Exercise Snacks

I know I am like most mothers and I think my children are brilliant, beautiful beings. But in my case it’s really true! God bless them! I will give you one example.  Last week I was sitting with my daughters Yvonne and Laura and my son Michael. We were shooting the breeze, laughing a lot and talking about our lives.

I was telling them how I am having a problem with too much sitting.  I never used to sit down.   All day I was moving.  How ever since I became a health coach and health blogger, I am sitting more than ever. Sure I get at least ½-1 hour of vigorous exercise, but the rest of my day I find myself sitting a lot.

I did ask my family for a treadmill desk for my birthday,( that I still want, hint, hint) but they just don’t like the concept.  I still have hope that one day I will be blogging and walking on my treadmill desk simultaneously.

Getting back to the story, Michael brilliantly suggested  ” Ma you have to take  a few “EXERCISE SNACKS’!”

Every hour to hour and ½ of sitting, take a five-minute exercise spurt.  Well you heard it here first folks, I am officially coining that phrase in my son Michael Harari’s name!!

Exercise Snack, ha! I love it! What do you do for an exercise snack? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Now I will give you all the same idea.  Take exercise snacks when you have been sitting too long. It’s great, life changing.  What a great pick me up.  It not only helps  the circulation in your legs, but I bet it will get your brain speed back up to normal as well!  A couple of rounds of jumping jacks, a brisk walk for 5 min., a sprint around the block  or a couple of rounds of  burpies should do it.  Set the timer on your phone so you don’t sit too long, and go for it!!

If you see me speed walking  or running up and down my street, you will know I am just “Snacking”!





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