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Fermented Cod Liver Oil; Why Should We Take It and How to Get It Down



What is so great about fermented cod liver oil?  Well if you are one of my clients you know I absolutely insist that this is one of the few supplements you must take.

It is an insurance policy that makes up for a lot of dietary mistakes.  Kids are slammed from every direction with candy.  The bus driver, school, the hairdresser, just about everyone wants to make your kid happy with candy.  Please make sure they get their cod liver oil, please!

When taking fermented cod liver oil people notice a decreased incidence and duration of illness. Many see improvements in PMS symptoms.  Dr. Weston Price used it to reduce tooth decay and to treat connective tissue diseases.

It provides Vitamin D, which does all of the following;

-Helps mineral reabsorption in bones

-Protects against infection

-Prevents heart disease

-Reduces radiation poisoning

-Helps high blood pressure


It also provides vitamin A which;

-Improves reproductive abilities

-Fights depression and anxiety

-Has a positive effect on hormones


It has omega 3 fatty acids they;

-Protect against oxidative damage

-Improve skin health

-Protect against cardiovascular disease


The next question is why fermented cod liver oil? The best reason is that it is not an industrial product; it’s the real deal.

-It has no alkali refining

-No bleaching

-No winterization

-No deodorization

-no stripping of vitamins A and D


Many processed cod liver oil supplements are stripped of vitamins A and D and then synthetic vitamin A and D are added back in.  Not good.

Fermentation is the traditional way that people took Cod liver oil.  It adds probiotic goodness and a deeper and broader range of nutrients including CoQ-10.  Basically you are getting more bang for your buck!


Ok, now the million-dollar question… How to get it down! I agree it is not pleasant tasting.  However, there is a cinnamon flavor that is really doable.  I also recommend the orange flavored capsules.  The cinnamon liquid is much more cost effective than caps and you are getting more CLO.

I recommend Green Pasture ‘s Blue Ice brand.  For kids start with ¼ tsp.  Adults ½ tsp.   Pregnant and nursing moms take more, 1 tbsp. For people with depression and anxiety also up the dose.  I have been known to advocate a bit of bribery to get this into your children, a few stevia chocolate chips or points toward a toy.  The best idea (which I say all the time) is to be a good example and let your kids watch you take your dose of Cod Liver Oil.

Take it! Let me know how you feel in the comments below!


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