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Healthy Conception

Why should we be mindful and thoughtful about conception? One reason is the alarming number of birth defects we are seeing here in America.  1 in 8 children have Autism. There are also rising levels of auto immunity problems in children.We are not seeing these rates in 3rd world countries.We are malnourished and saturating ourselves in environmental toxins.The good news is we can learn to do better.

Back in the day when Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world studying indigenous cultures, he found their treatment of people who would be trying to conceive a baby to be very special.  They would be fortified with the most nutritious foods, high levels of fat-soluble vitamins and calcium.  There was a reverence for conceiving, carrying and nursing-moms.

Men as well were well prepared with a pre-conception diet high in cholesterol rich fats like butter, egg yolks and organ meats and fat-soluble vitamins. Intuitively these cultures knew the healthiest preparation for conception.

Here in our culture today we see young brides and grooms starving themselves to fit into their wedding gowns and Tuxedos, yikes!

One very interesting bit of information is that these indigenous cultures practiced child spacing.  They allowed moms to replenish nutrients for 3 years before having another child…. interesting.  With the high rate of post-partum depression and knowing how malnutrition plays such a strong role in that, it may be something to think about.  It is also well known that the 2nd child and on are more likely to have Autism because the moms are depleted of vital nutrients.

So what else can we do to ensure we are in good condition to conceive a child?One important thing is to make sure your gut health is up to par.

-If a person has been on antibiotics they need a good time frame for clean up; A good year on the GAPS diet with sugar and caffeine out and fermented cultured foods in.  Also eating good sources of animal fats and organ meats.  I know someone who hates the taste of liver but cuts it up and swallows it like a pill so they can get the important nutrition it offers.

-Get rid of plastic and xenobiotics. They are estrogen like compounds that affect the hormonal balance.  Use glass as #1 preference.

-Make sure your iodine levels are right.  It is critical for the IQ of the baby.

-Also make sure your B vitamins levels are good.  If necessary take a good quality supplement especially for B6 and folic acid.

-Clean up your home environment. Make sure it is non-toxic and that you have pure water.

Let’s work on communicating these ideas for a good foundation for pregnancy and the developing fetus.  In a culture obsessed with weight and thinness we need to reconsider how important good nutrition really is.  It needs a lot more attention than its been given, for the sake of the coming generations.


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