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Each year spring rolls around and I just want to purge; My house gets cleaned in a big  ‘vacuum out the dust under the fridge’  kind of way. My clothes get sorted out. The best thing that happens is that I start craving green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass.


Our bodies have an internal clock that knows spring is here. Dr. John Douillard says if you detox in the spring, you won’t get sick the following winter.  That word “detox” is loaded these days. My clients will call me and insist I give them a good detox.  Every magazine has articles on detoxing. What is goin’ on?!


This is the bottom line; your body knows just how to accomplish this task. It does it on a daily basis. If we consistently eat good quality, fresh, unprocessed foods and drink lots of pure water that detox system will be free to work its magic. Yup that’s all you have to do. No torturous crazy protocols of lemonade only. Eating in season helps too. Fresh young greens come up in spring so eat up!  Eating things that are in season is always a good idea.


Getting an enzyme rich veggie juice from one of the beautiful Juice bars that are popping up is always a great idea, but according to Courtney Rubin in Marie Claire Magazine it may be wise to skip the “juice fast”.   “One expert calls juice cleanses ‘the perfect pathway to disordered eating”, with an alarming power to seduce otherwise healthy women.”


Juice cleanses have become uber trendy, that’s for sure. “Even Starbucks has expanded into Juices. And as interest in them peaks, public health professionals and doctors are dealing with the fallout; an epidemic of malnourished, run-down young women- Juicerexics- some of whom have stumbled into full-fledged anorexia or bulimia.”


“Of most concern? For women already in the throes of anorexia or bulimia, juice fasts provide a great cover….. People say, ‘oh, good for you. That’s so healthy.’ It’s society’s most accepted form of eating disorder.”

The best situation I have seen is at  a beautiful Juice bar called Jus by Julie, which has recently expanded to a second Brooklyn location, and a third location in Cederhurst, NY.  Julie Maleh is a Certified Health Coach and is very “Hands on” with her clients. She described to me how she monitors her clients closely when they do a cleanse.

“I do not allow the young teens to do a full juice fast. I insist they incorporate the juices into their lives and have at least 1 meal.  None of my clients are permitted to do consecutive cleanses. Three days is the maximum, then they incorporate the juices into their daily life. I like them to wait a month to do another 3 day cleanse, I am very strict! I monitor everyone to avoid these problems.  I am 100% on top of it.”

Go Julie!!

Stephanie Zakay the Pure Juice Cleanse proprietor is also totally on it with guiding her clients. Her main goal is to encourage people to get more fruits and vegetables into their daily routine.  ”People that come to me use the cleanse as a way of making a commitment to a new way of eating and say good-bye to the processed junk foods they were putting into their body.”

With responsible guidance like Stephanie and Julie provide, the safety and benefit of juice is fully realized.



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