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Just Do It!!!

The hardest thing to get some of my clients to do is exercise.  When we are not used to moving, there is resistance.  Yet people who do exercise recognize how much they need it. A day with exercise feels good.  It changes your “happy “ brain chemicals, gets your circulation going and is such a needed part of a healthy life.


My best advice is add movement to your day.  Do what you enjoy; tennis, basketball, dancing, yoga, or putting on your headphones and going out for a walk.


I recently looked up some top trainers to get some motivation.  Jackie Warner said some things that really resonated with me.  She talked about the muscle pain you feel when you are doing exercise and referred to it as “good pain” that you can work through.  She said to see yourself as an athlete. Would an athlete stop when the workout got uncomfortable? Absolutely not!!


So I challenged myself to do just that, keep going and work through the “pain”.  Be an athlete.  I started loving the results of really feeling my muscles work. We are much tougher than we know.  We just have to believe it.  Just that thinking alone will lower any anxiety we have about exercising hard.


Jillian Michaels says that reaching any goal is about what you do now in the present moment. It is not a future event. I love that. So if we want to be in our best shape with the best health, it’s about this moment and what we choose now! It’s fun to watch yourself morph into the best self you can be.


A couple of great videos I have been using and getting good results with are;

-Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

-Brazilian Butt Lift

-10-minute workout- Tony Horton


One big excuse people give is that they don’t have time.  That is one reason I suggest videos. You can pop on your sneakers and exercise in your pajamas! Is there anyone that doesn’t have 10 minutes?! I don’t think so! Once you get rolling you will want to do even more.  I told one of my clients who likes basketball to play for just 20 minutes.  When he came the next week he told me he played for 1 hour!!


Just Do It!!!!   I love that saying.  No excuses.  Simplify it.  Moving your body is a form of self love. If Arthur can do it, so can YOU!

Please watch this inspirational video



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