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make peace with your kitchen

The most heartbreaking thing I have heard thus far, was a woman telling me “I hate the kitchen!”  The cure is in the kitchen ….. literally!  I believe that if we really understand how important food preparation is, we would see our kitchens as sacred, beautiful places.
Go through your kitchen and clean out the junk.  Don’t allow high fructose corn syrup, msg, trans fats and all their ugly cousins in the door!

Fill your shelves with whole grains, nuts, seeds and foods that are really nutritious and life sustaining. I try to steer clear of most processed foods. Vegetables and fruits are number one!!  Make an assortment of delicious veggies. literally Eat The Rainbow!  We really all know what is good for us, it is just a matter of getting our taste buds used to quality food. Once we do, it is an easy and delicious adventure.

Have fun in your kitchen and make easy and interesting things.  A beautiful salad with all kinds of raw goodies (different kinds of lettuces, sprouts, olives , avocado, nuts and seeds, tomatoes, peppers, string beans, cucumbers, squash, carrots, fresh raw corn niblets, cubed raw sweet potato, beets, mushrooms…..whatever you can think of).  Come up with your favorite combinations. Add a grain or a protein of the finest organic quality you can find.  Voila! A gorgeous meal!

I love the peaceful feeling of a quiet kitchen but if you like put on some music. Most importantly find a way to  enjoy the time that you are in the kitchen. Buy some colorful and fun looking cutting boards, a new ceramic knife in green or orange, or maybe a yellow strainer to clean your veggies in.  The energy we put into the food is part of what we are eating. I feel great
when i make it peaceful, loving and happy!

The kitchen is the place where all health begins. It is the heart of the home. No food compares to the value of a meal that has been prepared with love at home. No matter how simple. Just keep asking “how do I feel?” there in lies the truth.

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