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Mom Alert: Can ADD, Autism, Dyslexia, and Anxiety be Cured with Diet?

The Gut-Brain Connection


“One area of medicine is particularly prone to look at its organ separately from the rest of the body.  That area is psychiatry.  Mental problems are examined from all sorts of angles: genetics, childhood experiences and psychological influences.  The last thing that would be considered is looking at the patient’s digestive system.  Modern psychiatry just does not do that.  And yet medical history has plenty of examples, where severe psychiatric conditions were cured by simply “cleaning out” the patient’s gut.  A renowned Japanese professor, Kazudzo Nishi, has estimated that at least one in ten psychiatric conditions is due to self-intoxication coming from the bowel.”- Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS DIET) by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD

How do people become self-intoxicated?  Alcoholism has a serious connection to gut and psychology syndrome.  When sugars or complex carbohydrates are eaten, the bad bacteria overgrowth produces alcohol as a by product of digesting the sugars.  There is no part of the body that will not suffer from a constant supply of alcohol, even in small amounts.

GAPS people develop a whole overgrowth of pathological flora in their bodies; I call them ‘bad guys’.  One of the bad guys is Candida. Candida + sugars = alcohol. Scary.

Opiates are drugs like opium, morphine and heroin. Gluten is a protein. Casein is a milk protein. When GAPS people cannot digest gluten and casein they turn into substances with the same chemical structures as opiates. Those opiate like substances go right into the system of people with this syndrome causing many of the psychological disturbances we see.  Even scarier.

These gut-brain toxic connections are just a couple of examples of what is going on with people who have many of the psychological problems we are talking about.

So here is what the GAPS diet does; It restores  balance to the digestive and elimination systems to function correctly. When a good balance is reached, symptoms disappear. So beautifully simple. Yes, Diet can cure. 

It cured me! Read my very personal story.






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  1. Carol tawil
    February 2, 2013 at 10:38 pm ·

    Wow joy you are amazing! We are psyched and committed to trying the program! Here’s to success.

    • Joy Harari
      February 11, 2013 at 4:24 pm ·

      yay!!! Here Here!! Love you!