O boy!!!! Everywhere……Soy!!!!!

So here I am learning how bad soy is, the phytoestrogens and how they wreak havoc on the thyroid, etc. I was telling my loved ones to please check their cupboards and make sure they do NOT eat soy!!!! Soy oil , soy lecithin and soy beans are hidden in every processed food!

These soy products have been proven time and time again to scramble up all the hormone responses in the body! I really thought I was free of soy. I have soy-free veganaise and soy-free icecream.

 Then I got some crazed feedback “WHAT……Its in EVERYTHING!!!!!!” So I started checking again. 

SHoot!!!!! It is in my Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips! In Mary’s organic gluten-free crackers!!! I don’t use more than 4 products that are not a whole grain or 1 ingredient- and they all contain SOY! 

So there you have it……….we have been completely soy-ified!!!!!! No wonder Everyone in America has a thyroid problem!!!!!

Another reason to eat fruit veggies and whole grains only!

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