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Paleo Rocks!

Okay people, listen up!!! In the past week alone I have read 3 Paleo-bashing articles.  The science is out there but there are people who are tenaciously holding on to a set of conventional principles that don’t seem to be working. With animal protein and saturated fat being villainized and whole grains becoming “health food” Americans have become fatter, sicker and more unhealthy than ever.

If you would like the studies and science behind Paleo please go to and These two are biochemist researchers who are on the cutting edge, and get down and nerdy with the science . Or read Rob Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution”.  I follow them regularly to get the latest studies and reports.

All I have, which is nothin’ to sneeze at, is results. I coach many clients with a ‘Paleo template’ Diet, which is a more individualized version of a Paleo diet. Here are the results I have personally witnessed in my practice, thank God;

  • Adults who have healed their guts, depression, and anxiety with this diet and Tapping.
  • Autistic and ADHD children who have become more attentive and interactive as their digestive tracts are soothed and healed.
  • Compulsive eaters who are finding themselves a lot less compulsive and much calmer around food.
  • Children who complain of  constant tummy aches feel better after a few days and then go on to heal their guts.
  • People suffering from chronic constipation, acid reflux and poor digestion whose symptoms go away in a short time.

Before my eyes I see people healing from the most serious mental and physical illnesses. It is miraculous. Food is powerful! I’ve personally seen crazy results, documented in my blood work.  Back in the day,  I was a dedicated vegan.  I would cry to my doctor because I had so many numbers in my blood test results that were way off.  “But Doctor,” I would say, “I eat perfectly!! No animal protein, kale, seaweed, pure vegetable and nut oils, and organic whole grains!  How can that be?! ”They always blamed it on my genes. How ironic.

Fast forward many years……. 6 months after changing to a Paleo Diet. Perfect blood test.  Miraculous!!! You can’t argue with the proof. Please check out this video of a doctor who healed her MS by eating this way.

One claim is that the Paleo diet promotes obscene amounts of meat eating. The truth is;  the Paleo diet recommends 1/3 protein and 2/3 veggies on your plate.  Paleo is a huge part of the natural foods revolution. They recommend eating the best quality food you can find; Organic, grassfed, and local.  No processed junk foods.

These articles claim that we need grains, beans and legumes in our diets. Paleo doesn’t agree. All the nutrients in those things are found in greater amounts in animal protein, fruits and vegetables. The anti-nutrients (phytates) found in whole grains, beans and legumes can actually create mineral deficiencies over time.`They also damage the balance of good bacteria or probiotics in the gut, as well as the gut wall.

They  claim that the Paleo diet has too much saturated fat. They have not caught on to the fact that saturated fat is actually good for us! Watch the movie “Fatheads” and you will see the other side of the story. Or watch this clip on my website.

Even though those articles were so negative towards Paleo , in the comments below the articles you can see the huge amount of healing that is going on with the Paleo diet.  People are respectfully writing in about how they have healed everything from stomach aches to celiac disease to crone’s disease. Nice.

I don’t mind if people don’t want to eat “Paleo”. It’s a choice we all have. But the fact that so many people are doing so well on it, does say a lot.





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  1. maggie
    March 21, 2013 at 10:22 am ·

    Really enjoying your work and your posts. I know how hard is it standing against what is considered traditional wisdom. Just recently I read an article about high triglycerides. It stated they come from high amounts of saturated fat in ones diet, such as red meat and butter. Oh well, being that my diet consist in big part of those,just wonder, how would the author explain my very low level(in the 40s). Until the food industry will profit from lack of knowledge I see a long road ahead of you Joy. but keep up a good work!

    • Joy Harari
      March 21, 2013 at 6:03 pm ·

      Thanks so much for writing in Maggie!
      I believe that time will show that more
      and more people are discovering the healing power of a
      Paleo type diet. In the near future it won’t even be a debate any more.