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Preparation is Gratification

I had an enjoyable conversation with a beautiful young mother today.  She wanted to hear what I eat so she could determine what would be a good way for her to eat.

She caught me on a good day.  If this were last week, I would have told her ‘I am barely eating enough’.  I was recently very off in the timing of my meals.  I was just too busy.  That happens sometimes. If it continues too long it will effect blood sugar levels, cravings and energy levels.

A good friend listened to me complain about my weight going up a few pounds and we looked at what I was eating.  It was not enough, which was throwing off my whole metabolism.   This week I got my priorities in order and each day prepared my meals so that I got to eat at the proper times.

I am simple with what I eat.  For breakfast lunch and dinner I eat raw greens like baby arugala, spinach and mesculin.   I like to add a few other colorful raw or cooked veggies.  I prefer plain salad these days with no dressing.   I am enjoying tasting the vegetables. I have been having my fat as a couple of slices of avocado or a few olives. I may also cook my eggs with a bit of grass fed butter. I always like to have some fermented vegetables with each meal, like sauerkraut or fermented carrots or a naturally fermented organic pickle.  Variety is truly the spice of my life.  Last but not least I add a serving of a good quality protein.  Eggs prepared in a variety of ways, chicken, wild fish, beef or lamb.  I have a snack, which is usually my PaleoZip protein powder in some type of shake   with berries and almond milk.  These days as the weather is getting cooler, I love having hot water with lemon throughout the day.


I prepare any food I need to take with me, grab a kombucha tea and I’m off.

As we talked I realized preparation is key to a healthy diet.  It is an expression of self-love, really.  When we eat well we feel good.  All of us should practice extreme self-care and self-love.  Preparing and taking time to sit down and eat is gratifying. We are worth it.

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