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Snack, Anyone?

What should we give our kids for school snacks?

The questions we have to ask ourselves are;

How do we keep our children’s blood sugar level so they are not bouncing off the walls and then falling asleep in class?

How do we give them the maximum nutrition to keep their brains functioning all day?

What do our kids need in between meals to maintain focus and concentration?


The answers to these questions are one and the same. They need a good source of protein, a quality source of fat, and either a fruit or vegetable source for energy.


If  your children are young, you can probably get away with a small avocado salad with cucumbers and tomatoes and a hard boiled egg.  Older kids may feel self conscious and would do better with one of my apple zucchini (grain-free) muffins.


One important point I want to make is that grains play havoc with blood sugar.  I would recommend leaving all grain products out of the equation.  The best snack would be a grain free one.  Another important point is that a snack should be a small meal not a treat. A treat should be something to have on occasion. So here we go:



-An apple and a tbsp. of raw almond butter

- a slice of banana paleo bread

-a grain-free apple zucchini muffin

- a small salad with chicken or fish strips or sliced egg, avocado and yummy dressing

- a small collard green wrap with tuna, egg or chicken, avocado and sprouts

- you can use a cabbage leaf or lettuce leaves for the above wrap

-chicken ,turkey or beef sliders, good quality ketchup, some black pitted olives and cut veggies

-Kefir with cut apples, pears, berries or melon, topped with grain-free granola

-zucchini pancakes

-apple sauce with slivered almonds and shredded coconut

-raw coconut wraps with nut butter and sliced bananas.

-fruit salad with walnuts and shredded coconut

-guacamole with grated egg and carrots and peppers to dip

-mixed berries with toasted coconut flakes and nuts

-Egg salad or chicken salad in a bell pepper

-roasted chicken gourmettes and sliced vegetables

-whole Kirby cucumber seeded and then stuffed with tuna or egg salad

-spinach strawberry and walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette

-guilt-free pizza bites with pizza sauce dip.

-paleo pancakes

- organic apple chips or zucchini chips or sweet potato fries can be added to the snacks above.


See what your children prefer from the list and use your imagination to come up with new and interesting choices.  Share them with us here in the comments below. We’d  love to hear!


By choosing your childs snacks wisely you are helping their education and their health!!  Their teachers will thank you !




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1 Comment

  1. Michelle
    September 24, 2012 at 12:12 am ·

    Love!! The cucumber stuffed with tuna, great idea, Lainey will flip! And can’t wait to try the guilt free pizza! Oh and was wondering, can the paleo bread batter be used for pancakes? Keep up the excellent work!