Soak Soak Soak those Grains!!!!! (beans,seeds, nuts……)

At the moment and most days, you will see bowls of grains, beans and various seeds and nuts soaking on my counter top.  A while back I was a vegan for about 10 years. I really love eating that way, and the way it makes me FEEL!  Sad, I was unable to continue. I became severely mineral deficient.

Recently in school, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (which I absolutely adore!!!) I learned all about the importance of soaking grains to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acids. Phytates bind to certain minerals such as iron and magnesium and pull them out of the body.  That left me totally mineral deficient and I was told I needed animal protein to be healthy. Little did I realize I just needed to soak everything!!!

So I am happy to say I have gladly, or more accurately, ecstatically gone back to veganism once more!! Yay!!!

UPDATE: My views have changed since writing this. Please read my later posts about veganism.  However if you are going to eat grains, PLEASE continue to soak them!!!

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