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A Very Personal Story

Waaaa, waaa, waaa” said the baby. Cute, you think? I don’t think my mom thought so. I did not sleep through the night for a full year after I was born. So… neither did my mom.


I had severe stomach pain that was not just “colic”.   I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. As my mom told me, she took me to a doctor in New York City who specialized in gastro-pediatrics. I don’t know how she found him, but leave it to my mother to find the best.  I do remember his wood paneled office and his big desk that I could barely see over.


Back in the day, doctors didn’t only use pharmaceuticals. They healed people. They used nutrition.  This wonderful doctor put me on a Specific Carbohydrate Diet or the SCD for short. It is basically a diet that omits any type of grains, beans, and legumes, and is mostly made up of animal protein, vegetables and some fruits.  My mom thankfully, strictly adhered to the diet.  I was kept on it until I was four years old.

For me, it wasn’t so bad. I actually felt special.  My mom made me special meals, and frozen juice pops to eat when those ice-cream truck bells began to ring. I had never tasted sugar so I had no idea what the fuss was about.


At age 4 I was pronounced, “healed” and I was back to a regular diet that I was then able to tolerate.  In a family that had our share of learning disabilities, I had none. In fact I was always an honor student. What does that have to do with anything, you ask?  Read on…


Years later as my interest in nutrition became strong; I thanked God that I was spared from 4 years of eating sugar, but I questioned the diagnosis I was given for Celiac. Everything I read assured me that Celiac was incurable.  I recently discovered I was wrong as could be! It was curable, and I was cured!

I have come to believe, very strongly I might add, that everything can be cured with food and other natural modalities.  I have seen it all.  Proper nutrition can do miracles and more.

With a lot of experience and all my studies, I came up with a very specific diet that was truly healing a lot of my clients.  It helped people who suffered from constipation as well as others who had stomach issues and severe depression. I developed it by focusing on controlling insulin levels and getting a good ecology going in the digestive tract with the very best quality foods. Yessiree I was on to something good!

It was then that I started connecting the dots. If I had not been on that SCD diet when I was a baby, would I have learning disabilities? What else did it save me from?


I happened to have a copy of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBrides’ book “Natural Treatment for Gut and Psychology Syndrome” (GAPS) that I just received from Amazon. It was sitting on my coffee table just waiting to be read!

The GAPS Diet, based on the SCD, is the one people are using to cure all psychological problems: Autism, Dyspraxia, ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD, Depression, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, and more. The research and studies that are highlighted in the book, show a very distinct connection to all those problems with the condition of the digestive tract. It is truly amazing!!


Ready for the clincher? The Doctor who cured me, Dr. Sidney V. Haas, was the inventor of the original diet, the SCD!  I discovered this at 11:30 at night when my whole household was asleep.  I did a low squeal as I flipped-out from the news in the GAPS book!

Dr. Haas developed this revolutionary approach in 1951, and cured me in the early 60’s. All later variations such as the GAPS Diet, are based on his work. I had no idea he was “the man”.

Well that is the craziest, most destined thing I ever saw!  He cured me, got my gut and brain working, and now I hope to carry on doing his work?  Mind blower don’t you think?

And so it goes. I am dedicating my life to helping people heal their guts and minds in the way mine were healed; in a natural, painless, healthy way. I have so much gratitude to God, my mother, and Dr. Haas for healing my body and mind, what better way to show it?