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Joy’s Best Home Remedies

What do we do when our prevention efforts fail and we or our kids get sick? We thank God that our immune systems are going to get a boost and our bodies are detoxing! That’s what.


What are the colds, stomach aches, fevers, and viruses really all about?  It is your body cleaning house and takin’ out the garbage. It’s a good thing, really. The less you put in the less needs to come out.


We also want to pull out an arsenal of home remedies to help heal us and move things along.  So here are some of my best home remedies for our most common illnesses. Print them out and keep them somewhere safe so you can take a look when things get tough.


For colds;

  • Use a good cool air humidifier. (check out the ones I have on “shop”)
  • Have a lot of hot drinks and soups.
  • Use saline spray for stuffy noses.
  • Make a tea with a few slices of lotus root to dry up mucous and quiet coughs. It is good for all respiratory problems

lotus root


For coughs and sore throats;

  • Do the same as for colds but use ginger compresses on throat and chest.
  • Gargle with warm water and sea salt.


For ear infections;

  • A drop of warm olive oil in the ear is very soothing.
  • According to Chinese medicine an ear infection is caused by a stagnation in the kidneys, do a ginger compress on the kidney (same side as infection).


For stomach ache, nausea or vomiting;

  • The most soothing thing is a hot water bottle. (I have great ones on my amazon store, just click on “shop”)
  • Always have umeboshi plums (on my website “shop”) on hand. They’re
    instant relief for nausea and stomach aches (some headaches too).
  • Chamomile tea and ginger tea work well.
  • For constipation I always recommend the old time favorites like prunes, prune juice, probiotics, and lots of water.  Hot water and lemon first thing in the morning helps. I also recommend sitting in a squat position with knees up and stomach/colon massages are very effective.
  • If all else fails an old fashioned enema bag works wonders (you can find that as well here on my website “shop”).

For fever:

Most of the time it is good to let the fever run its course. However a fever over 103 in adults and over 102 in children are cause for concern. Consult your health-care advisor if natural methods do not work or if a fever lasts longer than 2 days.

**Call your healthcare advisor immediately for a child under three months of age who has a fever of 100.6 rectal or more, a child three to six months old who has a fever over 101 F rectal.  Call immediately if your child has suffered a seizure from the fever or if a feverish child shows a rash.**


  • Apply a tofu plaster on the forehead, changing it every hour.
  • Dissolve 1 tsp of kuzu (white starchy powder, you can find in your health food store)  in 1 cup of apple juice over a low flame. Drink to help bring down a fever.
  • If you can, purchase a far infrared blanket (made of ceramic fibers). If you wrap someone with a fever in it, the fever will come down quickly.
  • A warm bath is an old favorite (never cold!!). It will immediately bring down fever.
  • Drink 1 tbsp. raspberry jam dissolved in a cup of hot water with a splash of lemon juice and sit under warm blanket. This will induce sweating and bring down the fever.



One of the best home remedies I know, and used on my own children is Palm-Healing, also known as comforting. You rub your hands together hard, until you feel them tingly and electrified. Then put the child on your lap and calmly breath with the child while placing your hands on the effected area:


  • For tummy ache- on the tummy.
  • For ear ache-place one hand over the ear, the other on the kidney.
  • For a chest cough- place the hands on the chest and throat.


Trust me, this is a powerful healing tool and it works like a charm. If nothing else your child will feel very loved , protected, and cared for. Awww!!


In the coming week I will be posting video instructions for the Tofu Plaster, the Lotus Root tea, and the Ginger Compress. Check back often.