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The Best Route to Flawless Skin

The Best Route to Flawless Skin

(It may just be your grocery list!)


It is something we hear over and over; A Healthy diet is the key to a beautiful, glowing complexion. The outside reflects the inside.

This is true.


Skip the Starchy Carbs

A 2007 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition article, found that subjects who replaced processed carbs with protein and good carbs (such as veggies and fruits)

Experienced a 51 percent decrease in acne lesions after 12 weeks, much higher than the high carb eating control group.

The high insulin that lots of carb eating causes, promotes acne and ramps up oil gland secretion.

So swap out the lunchtime sandwich for a leafy salad and good protein. And of course Dump the SUGAR!!!


Fill Up on Produce

Experts say that acne is a symptom of post-industrial Westerners.

In countries where natives eat just fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean proteins, acne hardly exists.


Go With Your Gut

You may have heard me say that the gut is your second brain.  I am beginning to believe that the health of your whole body is dependent on your digestive tract.  If you want beautiful skin, you need a healthy gut.

A 2011 paper in the journal Gut Pathogens found gastrointestinal relations between depression, anxiety and acne. There are actually two new fields of study called psychodermatology and neurodermatology, entirely new fields of study dedicated to looking at this stuff.

Undigested food, bad bacteria, and waste cause intestinal wear and tear, activating the immune system and inflammation and resulting in skin disorders. Probiotic supplements and probiotic rich foods should be a big part of everyone’s daily diet to replenish healthy bacteria in the gut.


Get Fishy

The heart and brain-health benefits of omega 3 fatty acid DHA found in salmon, haddock and sardines have gotten lots of attention. Another Fatty acid EPA seems to inhibit pro-inflammatory compounds which can act as a starter gun for acne. Have fish at least 2-3 times a week to support clear skin.


Stay tuned, I am coming out with an amazing product that actually aids in Gut and Skin health. I am so excited I could burst, however I am now doing a trial to verify the amazing results I have had. That’s all I can say right now. Keep you posted. ;)


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