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The Key to Looking and Feeling Young

When we are grain free and Eating good fats and broths that are so soothing and healing, our inner ecology starts to get better and better. Now it’s time for the big bang! The key to the proper intestinal flora and the one thing that really changes the aging game is… fermented foods.

 Okay people, I am officially obsessed! Just knowing that colonies of little probiotic angels are proliferating in my intestines…Ahhh! Biological heaven!

I know by the end of this you will share my obsession. Let me hit you up with some of the benefits of fermented foods.

-Fermented foods create a healthy inner ecosystem. The microflora they provide supplies energy for everyday life.

-Fermented foods are a must for immunity. Up to 80% of the immune system resides in the lymph tissue in our intestines. They play a key role in keeping that region healthy and free of pathogenic (bad) bacteria.

-Fermented foods act as alchemists. Believe it or not they manufacture B vitamins deep inside you where they are easily assimilated through your gut wall. They also make vitamin K linked to cardio health and bone health.

-Fermented foods provide more nutrients because they have additional enzymes to properly process nutrients, increasing their availability.

-Fermented foods improve digestion. They help protect the gut lining and they increase the bioavailability of each meal so you can better absorb nutrients.

-Fermented foods control cravings. Ha! I love this one! They are a godsend and they work!

-Fermented foods and the microflora in them eat the sugars in foods. This doesn’t give us permission to eat sugar, but the natural sugars in sweet veggies for example would happily feed the good bacteria without creating an imbalance all over again.

-Fermented foods are detoxifiers. They ingest toxins, like pesticides and mercury and take them out through the colon.

-Fermented foods restore acid/alkaline balance because the microflora are so efficient in promoting absorption of minerals. With the correct minerals the body remains in a healthy alkaline range. Cancer, diabetes, yeast and viruses can’t grow in an optimal alkaline environment.

-Fermented foods have a sour taste for improved digestion. Guess what a sour taste does? It actually stimulates peristaltic movement so that our intestines eliminate properly. Amazing!!!


Little miracles, I tell you!! How do we make them? Where do we find them?


We find them in :

  • Kefir, made from milk or the newest, coconut water kefir, which is totally delicious. You can make your own cheaply and easily.
  • Yogurt is also teaming with probiotics.
  • Fermented vegetables made in a traditional way (not pasteurized!!!).  Real sauerkraut, pickles and fermented cabbage juice with any other veggies you may like.

As you know from my other posts fermented cabbage juice is my new obsession.

The recipes are posted  CLICK HERE


Please give yourself this gift of fermented vegetables and let me know how you feel in the comments below. I love to get feedback!


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