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Welcome to Holland


A young mother gives birth. She knows this child well. This baby kicked and moved about and the mother understood the child’s special energy. Sometimes, between the 1st and 4th birthday typically, some children receive a dreaded diagnosis of a spectrum disorder.
The feelings a mother has at a time like this are fear, and worry, maybe panic. The beautiful  “Welcome to Holland” story says it like no other.

I love this mom’s analogy. She describes having a child with a disability like planning a trip to Italy but ending up in Holland. It’s not bad, it’s just different. It’s not what you were expecting and now you have to navigate this new place with no itinerary.

A health coach is like your travel agent/ concierge. We help you navigate Holland and help to make it the best trip ever.


(read “Welcome to Holland” HERE)


I am guessing that a lot of parents would like to take back the responsibility and control of their child’s situation.  That is where we come in. Those of you who have been reading my blog know I believe very strongly that the brain and gut are totally linked together.  We work to help with the challenges of diet change and behavioral issues.  The results, healing and behavoiral changes  have been astounding.  We begin with the following challenges.

Challenge #1- knowing what you can and cannot eat.

 What really happens; often when people begin they look at a long laundry list of stuff they can’t eat. So they feel deprived, confused and HUNGRY.

What a Coach does; We help navigate the whole landscape of new foods. We translate old unhealthy choices into healthful ones. We menu plan and answer questions in emails and emergency texts from the grocery store.   We help to create substitutes for favorite foods that are delicious, satisfying and easy.


Challenge #2- slowly incorporating different ways to detoxify and change the digestion.

 What really happens; people take on these tasks and they start to feel like it’s a full time job.

What a Coach does; We help develop a doable routine that is fun and easy.


Challenge #3-rebuilding gut flora;

What really happens; every member in the family, because of the changes being implemented, feels the resistance.

What a Coach does; We try to meet the emotional needs of all family members and give support with solutions that become part of day-to-day life.


Yes there are challenges, but with the right support a parent can meet them with a smile, and take back control of their child’s health and healing.  One of my favorite Client Mom’s recently told me “Had I known how easy my life was going to be, I would have welcomed the challenges with open arms!”







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