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Yes!! You Are Good Enough!!!

So what is it with those little voices inside many of us, that tell us we are not good enough?  We all know realistically that we are pretty darn good at a lot of things, but someone at sometime, early on, very clearly gave us that “not good enough” feeling.  Now I got the Not Good Enough Blues!! (would be a cute song, huh?)


Did you ever just want to fly swat that little voice and make it go away? Well I have an awesome fly swatter. It’s EFT, tapping. It is actually possible to make that ridiculous voice LEAVE!


Of course it’s always better to use an EFT Coach, like me (wink, wink) to help you sort through those early years and determine which aspects and experiences to tap on, but I am going to take you through the process.


First find the earliest experience you can remember that gave you that “I’m not good enough” feeling. Hint: It usually has to do with your parents and/or siblings.

Go through the experience like a movie and hit the pause button when you feel the strongest emotional response.  Rate your emotional intensity from 1-10 and identify where you are feeling it in your body.


Next, form a set up statement as you tap on the karate chop point.(see below for chart, and tapping video for a demonstration) It sounds like “Even though (my mother made me feel not good enough) fill in with your story, I still love and accept myself. Tap as you repeat 3 times.

Follow all the tapping points as you verbalize the problem. After each round notice how the intensity number gets lower and the physical symptom begins to lessen.


If you are able to get the emotional intensity down to a zero, well congratulations!!  You are now the proud new owner of a new kind of memory, one that it doesn’t hurt to think about.


Many people find that as they get issues tapped out, their responses to many things in life change.  My clients have told me they are calmer, more patient, and not as defensive as before. I love when a client tells me they feel “lighter and free”.

My own response to this exact tapping sequence was in my eyes miraculous! I lost all my fears about putting myself out there, authentically.  I never could have believed that would happen from tapping. It still amazes me!


I know it won’t help much but I will say it anyway.  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Each person has gifts and talents that the world needs and you are the only YOU who can express those gifts to the world. So if you have anything holding you back, GET TAPPING!!

Love and hugs and tap,tap,tap,




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