Young Thai Coconuts……Obsession!!

Okay, so here I am with this obsession for young thai coconuts and so excited because I found them at the korean market here in Brooklyn, when my most favorite nutrition expert,  Joe from Omni-Health, informs me that THOSE coconuts are ridden with chemicals!!!!!!

Sheesh! Is nothing sacred!!!

It seems before they wrap them in plastic wrap , they dip them in formaldehyde and chlorine to prevent mold from creeping in during the long voyage to America. I guess they are not so young as we think!

So being me, I got on google right away and researched the heck out of this baby. What did I find?  The only organic version, is a frozen one with the water and meat frozen in a plastic bag ( which so turns me off! Ewww).

Just then I was saved by chef Steffi Sue on you tube,  when she proclaimed that the chemicals have been proven not to seep into the edible part of the coconut!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! I am so excited and thrilled!!!

I really love eating them out of the shell! It’s like fantasizing that I climbed up, got a coconut from the tree (happened to have a knife and a straw) and I am virtually eating it on the beach! Who needs a smoothie? It is so fresh and sweet just as is!

Not to mention, but I will mention, the electrolyte content is CRAZY!!! Also the meat is full of natural beauty fat, which is cholesterol-free and contains beneficial lauric acid, which supports our thyroid! It is just amazing for the skin. Enjoy!!!

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